Profile - SifuMaster Kee C. Ling, Chief Instructor – Studied and taught martial arts for over 50 years. He started out in Tai Chi in his early teens before he learned Karate and Taekwondo in his high school days. In 1969, he met Sifu Alex Kwok in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and began taking classes in Mi Zong Lo Han from him soon thereafter. After several years, he moved to L.A. in 1975 where he met Grand Master Raymond Wong and continued his studies in Mi Zong Lo Han. In 1981, Master Wong officially delegated and gave the blessings for Kee Ling to teach the style, who then formed the Camarillo Kung Fu Club in January 1982. Professionally, he is an Administrative Law Judge with the State of California, the only Judge in the U.S. who is crazy enough to teach kung fu and lion dance as a hobby.

Profile - ArtSifu Art Gonzales, Instructor Assists in teaching both kung fu and lion dance in Camarillo. He is also the Sifu of the Santa Paula Kung Fu class, with the Santa Paula Recreation and Park district. He has been with the association since 1994.

Justin LingJustin Ling, Assistant Instructor Assists in teaching junior and adult kung fu members and specializes in lion dance instruction. He has been with the association since 1990.
Profile - SamSamantha Hinde, Assistant Instructor Assists in teaching junior kung fu and lion dance members. She began her training with the association in 1994.
Profile - George
Dr. George Yu, Assistant Instructor Assists in teaching both kung fu and lion dance. He joined the association in 2000.